Production process

Your experience packaging partner

We manage the entire production process for your folding boxes and inserts ourselves. From pre-press to packaging and shipment.
Quality and efficiency are our focus at every stage.



Our experts at the pre-press department get all the documents you supply ready for printing in an efficient manner. All the documents you supply are checked by us and optimised for printing.
Even if you don’t yet have a concrete idea or draft, we can help you. Just supply the texts in a file and we’ll provide a design and technical drawing for your packaging. We’ll proactively share in your thinking for a faster, better and more efficient result.



We print your packaging designs and folding boxes with an offset printing technique. Thanks to this technique, we can work with countless sizes and thicknesses of cardboard, giving you the best guarantee of a perfect final result.



For printing your insert, we first determine the paper thickness, the printing technique and the right use of colour, adapted to your wishes and your product. That way, we can be sure your insert will fit inside the intended packaging like a glove.

We will of course always take account of your preferences, such as the position of your logo or image, suitable for any size of packaging.



We’ll cut your folding boxes in perfect accord with your own expectations and tailored to your product with modern techniques and machines.

We’ll determine the shape of your folding boxes in the outline drawing. Next, we’ll implement this in our punching machines, which will cut your folding boxes to the correct shape quickly, meticulously and identically.


After printing and punching, your folding boxes will be folded and glued with the greatest of care, thanks to our parallel folding and gluing machines’ range of features. Any kind of fold is possible for your insert too: crossways, zig-zag, with an extra border, etc.



You can choose several finishing processes in printing your folding boxes. Does the name of your product need to be included in Braille? Do you want your logo specially emphasised with UV varnish? Or would you prefer a sumptuous result with foil printing?


Packaging and shipment

All your orders will be delivered on time and with the greatest of care by our internal transport service. Are you facing an emergency or an urgent order? Flexibility and speed are of vital importance, so we’ll always do all we can to get your order to you on time.