Boxes: tailored - ecological - affordable

With 50 years’ experience, our knowledge and advice mean we stand ready to produce your packaging box from A to Z. After all, your product will sell better with fantastic packaging.

Folding boxes tailored to your packaging line
All the folding boxes can be put together in line with your own wishes, thanks to a variety of materials, folding and printing techniques and our own experience and expertise.

Efficient production process
The entire production process, from design to delivery of your folding boxes, takes place under our own roof, so you can be sure your packaging line will run smoothly. We’ve got the people, a machine fleet, the know-how and sufficient storage capacity to maximise efficiency during the production of your folding boxes.
We’ll immediately provide the answer you’re looking for and we’ll stay in close contact at every stage.

Boxes: the ideal packaging for your product
Cardboard folding boxes are the ideal packaging for your product. They provide protection, while also offering a signpost for your brand. What’s more, they’re ecological and cost-efficient.
We can provide folding boxes with a high-quality appearance for any industry.

Folding boxes with an extra experience
We can add suitable inlay in a material of your choice inside a folding box, so your product will fit inside the box you select perfectly. An extra experience that’s guaranteed to appeal.

It's not just our folding boxes that will bend to your wishes…

We'll do that too.

With our in-house knowledge, high-quality materials and our own machine fleet, we’ll produce an all-in-one packaging solution that’s a perfect fit for your product.

We’ll print your cardboard packaging in all sizes and in a print run of your choice. Your wishes, technical standards and requirements come first with any order.

Our folding boxes provide your product with optimum protection, thanks to new trends and innovations.
We’ll provide folding and corrugated cardboard that’s resistant to moisture or other extreme conditions. We’ll even provide folding cardboard that’s at home in a freezer.

Your packaging will be as ecological as possible. When producing your folding boxes, we’ll order custom cardboard in line with your chosen packaging. That’s a boon for your wallet and the environment.

Full-colour printing
Print your packaging in one colour or up to four. With fantastic full-colour printing, you can extend your house style into your cardboard packaging.

Printing techniques for your folding boxes
A range of printing techniques will ensure that your packaging gets the appearance you want:

  • DIGITAL: Ideal for a small print run with an optimum result.
  • OFFSET: Also known as sheetfed. This technique allows us to guarantee you the best printing result, with high contrast, depth and sharpness. Ideal for your brand’s more eminent products.

Choose an extra touch
You can choose several finishing processes for folding boxes. These will give your packaging an extra touch. Experiment with foil printing and/or various kinds of varnishes or lacquers.

  • Hot foil: A luxury appearance for your product. Shine an extra spotlight on certain parts of your product.
  • Spot UV-varnish: Your product better protected against scratches and moisture.
  • Braille: Product from the pharmaceutical industry? Then we’ll be glad to help you add some Braille to your packaging.
  • Embossing: Packaging with an extra dimension.

We can also print and fold inserts for you. Perfectly tailored to your packaging and with the same quality.

Let us produce your packaging
We want to guarantee you the best possible packaging solution. That’s why you can rely on the advice and expertise of our packaging specialists.