About Eticolor Packaging

We can safely be called a family business, based in Temse. Eticolor Printers has been an established brand for high-quality folding boxes and inserts since 1973.

Our core business is cardboard manufacturing. We offer a full service for the development and production of folding boxes and inserts for both Belgian and international customers.

We have developed a rich and loyal customer portfolio over the years. Trust and transparency go hand in hand with this. Let’s build up your story together. We know what you need without having to ask.

Beneath the wings of VD Printers
We are a company integrated into VD Printers. That guarantees reliability, efficiency and long-term certainty. We’ll produce your packaging in-house, while outsourcing as little as we can.

Your packaging line, in top form
We stand ready to serve you. We’ll develop and produce your packaging from A to Z. With our expertise and technology for folding boxes, cardboard and the accompanying inserts, we have all the tools in-house.

We’ll be glad to see things through your lens. With tailored advice. Geared to your product.

We make quality visible

In-house know-how, production and transport

No outsourcing. We offer you everything under one roof. Modern and efficient machines will print and fold your folding boxes and inserts in perfect accord with your wishes. We’ll support you with tailored advice.  With your product as the focus .

Personal advice

You determine your own dimensions and your house style. Our design department can also work with you to put the packaging together to make the product you want.


From the very first idea to the production phase, we'll support you in word and deed. Fully geared to your product.

Securing your trust

Customer service comes first. We'll do all we can to empower your image, as well as your product's appearance. From design to finished box or insert, everything takes place at our own warehouse. That means your packaging line will run smoothly.

Our team

Eticolor Packaging is a family business. A team of x number of enthusiastic staff who share a mission to provide all our customers with the perfect tailored packaging.

Our approach

Your packaging is an extension of your brand identity and your story, an added value that brings an experience to your product. We want to make that added value and experience accessible to everyone.

Our values


Our craftsmanship is the result of years of experience that we and our customers have. That provides a guarantee of quality. Each printed piece of packaging or insert is identical to the last one. That means there'll be no visual difference between different batches.


We're doing our very best to reduce our ecological footprint. Our production process is controlled in an environmentally friendly manner. With care for the environment.


Diversity is very important to us. Everyone is welcome.


Flexible towards our customers, but internally on the shop floor too. An urgent order? A bulk order? We'll be glad to make it happen for you.


An in-house machine fleet, rapid switching times, tailored packaging. Always produced with short and flexible delivery times.

Open communication

We believe in collaboration, teamwork and a collegiate attitude. That ensures a dynamic working environment and a successful result for the customer.


All the time and in everything we do. We'll go through the process together, step by step. That's how we'll arrive at a result that makes everyone happy.

Our Policy Statement

We give our customers a professional guarantee of quality. Eticolor puts an emphasis on being a reliable partner in the sector. You can easily find all this in our policy statement. Online soon !